jackielyn-nichole said: I just have to say this blog is awesome! I just became a Harry potter fan (my mother didnt allow me to watch it because of our religion) but as soon as I got married and moved my husband got me to watch it and I love love it! Keep doin what you're doing!! :D

qt ty!

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Anonymous said: What's your favourite position? I mean,sleep position. Pervert.

the foetal position- curled up on your own in your own bed.

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Anonymous said: Hari, Y U NO kill Milkfoi?

hari y u no kill milkfoi bla bla bla bobloblaw bla

do it yoself womon i aint made of murderus thougts 

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Anonymous said: PLES POST MORE STUFFZ it sadens me internalli wen i hav seen everyfing lol I WAN FRESH MEAT gargle gargle luv u xoxoxo


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Anonymous said: Hi, I was just wondering, I love Hari Pota and have been thinking about doing some historically inspired instead of HP ones. Would this be ok with this or should I lolfkmyself? x

Hey, it’s cool with us! 

There are loads of other Hari Pota style blogs out there, so we really appreciate you asking. When it’s up and running, why not send a link our way, we would really like to see it!

~Admin Elinor

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Anonymous said: I LOBE YOU SO MUCH HARI

ur cute

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fuck-this-shit-sucks said: how do i add a follower counter to my tumblr blog ?


We don’t have a follower counter on Haripota.tumblr.com

We have a page view counter, which you can get here


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natashah-romanova said: hai i rlz laik hary pota its rrlz kool like omg its rlz funni ad siriusly owsom


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dolph-lundgren said: Can you submit hand drawn things? I get really bored in French class, and have around 10 pages of hari pota.

If you have hand drawn some Haripota pictures, why not submit them, and we will re-do them in the normal format? Food for thought.

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the-girl-with-fire-in-her-eyes said: What type of drawing things are these? I love the harry potters ones but would like to look at others. Got a name for them?

Yeah, you can find a load of them here.

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